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Long Live The UK Music Scene

Chris Evans and Shed 7 will save the UK Music Scene

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Over and over again it has been proved, mainly by scientists, that the UK has produced a great deal of music that if classified would fit snugly in the box marked Really Good. Pop, rock, indie, classical, dance, death metal, avant garde, the UK since before anyone can remember has been at the edge and beyond in terms of music that is better than other music. From Lonnie Donnegan to Lemar from The Beatles to The Ordinary Boys we have a timeless legacy of music that has shaped nations, changed lives and generally got toes a tapping.

Here we celebrate this.

So wherever you are at tell us why you love UK music. Discuss bands and artists. Recommend the stars of tomorrow. Reminisce about stars of yesterday. Tell us about the scene, where to go, what to wear and most importantly who we should be listening to when we do this.

Couple of guidelines.
1. The whole UK music thing is a loose guide line if you start in the UK and end up in Peru it's not shilling my rubes. So knock yourself out but don't be silly. Actually don't knock yourself out, that would be silly also.
2. ladybirdsdie and elwisty are your moderators so be nice to them.
3. When you join please introduce yourself. Tell us why a few of your favourite British Bands make your world an altogether more great place.

If you wanna discuss all forms of music regardless of geography and other banal limitations then check out record_snob] 'cos it rocks like a horse. On fire.
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