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Just thought I'd say a little something...

Since there are loads of bands being advertised around here, just thought I'd put a good word for some of the up-and-coming bands I've been to see play in the Nottingham/Derby/Leicester area recently.
Firstly, check Foals out. They're from Oxford in England and are amazing live. I saw them live at Rock City in Nottingham, 6th November.
Second of all, if you haven't already heard of them, Biffy Clyro are making a big impression on the music scene following one of their songs being chosen as the winner's single on the X Factor this year. They're from Scotland, and I saw them live at the Trent FM Arena in Nottingham, 30th November.
Thirdly, Frank Turner. He's my god. And he's BRILLIANT. And he doesn't get enough recognition, so here you are. Saw him in Leicester, 10th December, and hoping to see a lot more of him. His latest EP - Rock and Roll - was released 6th December and contains "I Still Believe" - which some think will be his biggest yet.
Fourthly (and don't worry, I'm nearly done!) is the genius that is Mumford and Sons. I've never seen them live, but god I really want to. All reports about them tell them to be one of the best live bands going around.
And finally, a new band I only really got into a little while back: Middle Class Rut. Yes, they're American. They're a two-piece band with a big sound and a whole pile of talent. Give them a listen if you have time:

Cheers for reading (if you have...) and check me out if you want :) 
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